Premier Mortgage is proud to announce that its PMR Gives Back program will hold a no-contact drop-off experience for people interested in giving to the Idaho Humane Society this holiday season.

The pandemic brought us closer to our furry friends as we spend more time with them at home. They have given their families so much and now it’s time to give back to those pets without a home.

The mission of the Idaho Humane Society is to advocate for the welfare and responsible care of animals. We couldn’t be prouder to partner with the Idaho Humane Society and advance this incredible cause.

If you are interested in donating, we ask that new items be dropped off no later than Dec. 16 by 5 p.m. Here are some ideas of what you can bring:

For dogs — dog food, dry, canned food, puppy food, Esbilac (puppy milk), dog water and food bowls, Nylabones, Kongs, durable dog toys, ropes, dog biscuits, treats, kennels, crates, portable dog pens.

For cats — cat food, dry, canned food (pate’), kitten food, KMR (kitten milk), cat beds, cat toys, cat litter, cat tree scratching posts, kennels, crates.

For small animals — Guinea pig/gerbil/rat food, rabbit food, small animal chew sticks, treats, small water and food dishes, small animal houses, cages, pens, pet bedding (no pine),

Birds supplies — Litter pans, wheels, cage accessories.

Others — Gallon-size zip-lock bags, bleach, small blankets, heating pads, space heaters, washable rugs.

Premier Mortgage believes in giving back and supporting our communities, especially during these challenging times.

Our organization prioritizes community well-being and prosperity. We want to make sure we give back by providing resources and assistance through accessible home loan programs and scholarship funds. We believe everyone should have an opportunity to chase their dreams.

You can learn more about how PMR Gives Back supports all members of our community.

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