Congratulations! You’ve closed on your mortgage. Now that the ink has dried and you’ve got the keys in your hand, you may feel like you’ve finally crossed the finish line.

However, you’re actually just beginning to embark on your exciting homeownership journey.

Owning a home is a rewarding responsibility, and there are a lot of important details to remember and learn. The great news is that there are several things you can do now to save yourself headaches later. Here are three tips.

Your loan may change companies: It is a common practice for your loan to change hands many times throughout the life of the loan. Just because your loan originated with one company does not mean it will stay with that company. Typically, the only thing you will have to do when this happens is to change where you send your payment after being notified. When you receive this notice, be sure to confirm that it’s legitimate to avoid scams, or accidentally submitting your payments to the wrong lender.

Set up auto-pay: A good way to try to make sure you don’t miss a mortgage payment is to set up automated payments that come out of your bank account each month. Since most payments are due on the first of the month, consider setting it up so that your bank pays the lender a day or two prior to the due date. As your payment date gets closer, make sure your bank account has the funds in place to cover the amount to avoid a late or missed payment.

Know your payment dates: Perhaps the most important detail in ensuring you stay on top of your mortgage payments is making sure you know when it’s due. During the closing process, your lender or title company should be able to discuss the regular due date, but if that is not discussed or you forget, you can contact your lender to confirm. It’s also important to know that you may be required to cover the first partial month of payments at the time of close, and this is an opportunity to confirm the details of the billing cycle you can expect moving forward.

At Premier Mortgage Resources (PMR), we know that the home-buying process can be an overwhelming one. We’re here to walk you through the process and explain every step so that you feel confident in your financial decisions. We’re your partner in homeownership and are always here to help.

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