Borrowers have more options than ever when it comes to purchasing a home. Who you choose as your lender is a serious decision that can impact you for years to come. While online lenders offer quick approvals tethered to high interest rates, local lenders like Premier Mortgage Resources take the time to get to know your unique financial situation, helping you assess what will work best for you.

There are numerous advantages to working with a local mortgage bank. One of the primary advantages is one of the most obvious – having someone nearby to answer your questions. The other advantage is local lenders know the local housing market. The housing industry experiences many fluctuating moments. While buyers should do their research on the location they can see themselves living in, it’s also nice to have an expert help you with this decision. Having a lender that is local and experienced is far more beneficial than having to speak with an online rep halfway across the country with no true knowledge of the area you are looking into.

Working with a seasoned mortgage lender can benefit borrowers by adding that extra ounce of security. At the end of the day, this is a major financial decision that needs to be evaluated thoroughly. Many online Mortgage Lenders are not helping you answer whether or not a home is something you can afford right now or how to get your finances home ready.

Knowing what rates are and how they work is a big part in understanding your mortgage. Talking directly with a specialist to advise when rates have dropped or will potentially rise can affect your mortgage payment tremendously. Online lenders will advertise the lowest rates you can think of, but they are never guaranteed. The beauty of working directly with your local mortgage lender is having the ability to discuss your possibilities and stay up to date with the housing market.

Working with a local mortgage lender will provide you with the confidence and self-assurance you need through direct communication and adept advice. Buying a home should be an exciting time in one’s life and working with a local lender will offer you so much more!

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