Buying a home remains a challenge for many willing buyers.

Rising home prices and a competitive home-buying field can leave some future homebuyers on the sidelines for a long period of time.

For other potential homebuyers, a few tweaks to their financial standing will get them over the hump. While FHA loans are built upon lenient borrowing requirements, some worthy applicants can still fall short.

Today, Premier Mortgage Resources is widening the entryway into homeownership. If your credit score was holding you back, there’s good news: If your debt ratio needs minor adjustments, we can make it work.

Under the new FHA loan program, we can now offer applicants with a 580 credit score a chance at a home loan. And if your monthly debt payments compared to your income sits at 45%, you can still qualify for a loan at standard limits as well.

While there have been signs of some stalling in the economy due to renewed health concerns, consumers by and large are eager to enter the real estate market.

Proof is in the continuation of rising home prices, low interest rates and strong buyer demand.

There’s room for everyone in today’s market. We are here to help make home buying accessible to everyone who’s put in the work and is prepared to take on an investment of a lifetime.

Future homebuyers can get that with an FHA loan, which is backed by the Federal Housing Administration. An FHA loan is ideal for first-time homebuyers and those who need an alternative to conventional lending, which require a larger down payment and other qualifying factors.

So, if your credit score is reasonable and you’ve done some saving, our new FHA loan program with lenient requirements might be for you. Please contact us today to learn more details and how we can work together to get you into your dream home now.

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