Smart houses have been in development and on the market since the early millennium. As time passes and technology becomes even more advanced, the rise of smart houses or smart house features in homes across the country has risen.

So what are smart homes and how do they work?

The term smart home has become somewhat of a buzzword, and many may not even realize what the capabilities of such a home entails. Our minds can quickly return to our favorite futuristic cartoon, The Jetsons. However, not everything about the Jetson’s futuristic lifestyle is too off base for 2016; robots that vacuum, video chatting capabilities, and computers we can wear have become more commonplace.

Basically, a smart house is a home made up of devices that allow homeowners to control a light switch or thermostat, lock doors, and watch surveillance feeds of their home with a smartphone or tablet. This type of technology allows you to have control over any device that has electricity, through voice commands or the click of a button.

As smart technology continues to change the way we live and interact with our homes on a daily basis, we may begin to see smart homes as not only a new norm but as a standard and expectation in home building.

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