As a Managing Partner

with Premier Mortgage Resources, I want to thank you for your interest in our organization. My career extends over three decades in the mortgage industry; I have been through the good and the bad. One thing that remains constant is if you hire, train and support good people, you can achieve anything you set your mind to!
During this time, I have been fortunate enough to work with many talented, hardworking mortgage professionals. It is a privilege to help guide and motivate our team of loan officers and support staff to find individual success in their careers. At this point in my career, my “why” is to mentor each team member to feel empowered to succeed by providing them a vehicle in which their goals can be accomplished. I believe that each member of our team should find and remember their own “why” and use this to help them prosper both personally and professionally.
At Premier, we strongly believe that to serve our borrowers and loan officers we must be firmly grounded and focused on operational excellence. The applications we process are not just files but customers that are counting on to provide accurate and timely answers to all their questions during the process. To us, the most important part of any transaction is that we close on time; providing a new home for our clients.
The systems we have in place allow us to streamline the loan process. This combined with our exceptional staff make for an outstanding customer experience. FastTrac is our proprietary loan approval process and it is FAST! This allows us to quickly move a loan from initial application directly to underwriting and receive a decision within 48 hours instead of weeks.
If you take your career seriously, are dedicated to serving your clients and community, we would love to meet with you. If you are looking for a company that will support, listen and mentor you to the next level of your career then Premier is the place for you! You can have a voice in how you grow your career and make a difference in our organization. My team shares my sentiment in that Premier Mortgage Resources is simply “a better place to be

Cory Swain

Managing Partner

Greg Mirecki

Founding Partner

Thank You in advance

for considering a career change to Premier Mortgage Resources. We strive to make our company a positive place to work and help clients close their home loans. I started as a loan officer in the mortgage industry as a loan officer in the early 1980's. I have held every production in the business, with small companies and large national firms. I have never lost track of the important role a loan officer plays in the process. At PMR our focus is to give loan officers all the tools they need to be successful. We realize different loan officers need differing support. Our size enables us the adapt to the loan officer rather than the loan officer adapting to PMR. Hopefully this approach helps everyone exceed their expectations. Join PMR and you'll see the difference.

I am one of the founding partners

of PMR which we opened in September 2005. I have over 30 years’ experience in management and loan production. My personal goal for myself and PMR is that we treat employees and customers alike with respect which will lead to a mutual trust. We are a loan officer and sales-centric company that embraces the changes occurring in our business. Our focus has been on upgrading our marketing, compliance, maintaining competitive pricing, improved operating software, and most importantly our production and operation facilities. I truly believe that this focus will ensure our future success. Welcome to Premier Mortgage Resources.

Rich Forde

Founding Partner

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