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In my 16 years of processing I have never worked for a better company or with better group of people. From management down, these people are the most knowledgeable, helpful, confident, and friendly group I have been around. It's refreshing to come to work every day knowing that it's going to be a positive experience and you will be going home in a good mood. That's not to say we don't have bad days or struggles, but having this team around me sure makes those days more manageable.
~ Chris • Loan Processor • Spokane Valley, WA

The reason that I like working for Premier is the family environment. When I first started, I was a little nervous due to not knowing what to expect but right from the beginning, the people made me feel like part of the family. I enjoy coming to work in the morning and doing the job that is expected of me because of the people.
Selena • Loan Processor • Boise, ID

I LOVE Premier because we truly are a family. We really do work as a team and everyone is always so willing to help lift each other, no strings attached. That is what I love most. I also love how open PMR is to advancement and growth. Everyone should have the opportunity to continue improving themselves and PMR is very aware and in touch with that. Your job title isn’t who you are here. There are honest, kind words of praise and uplifting encouragement that is spread throughout and positive motivation driving everyone to want to do better. I LOVE PMR!
~ Elizabeth • Processor • Boise, ID

The people make this a uniquely special place to work, by far! I’ve worked here just over 6 months now, but I knew from my very first meeting/interview with Cory Swain and Erin Davison, that brilliance, kindness, warmth and professional respect resonates throughout the offices of Premier Mortgage Resources. I have the utmost respect for our leaders, colleagues and clients…..it’s a blessing to work among each and every individual here! ????
~ Kirsten • Closing/Funding • Boise, ID

During my career in Mortgage Lending I have worked for large companies, banks and small companies. i have never worked at a company with as much heart and compassion as Premier Mortgage Resources. They always take care of the clients and the employees! I wake up every day grateful for this group of people. They make me a better Mortgage Banker! Thank you Premier Mortgage Resources!!!!)
~ Susan • Branch Manager • Kona, HI

Premier is the best mortgage company I have worked for in my 20 yrs experience, from the knowledge and availability of operations, to fellow experienced helpful LO’s. An advertising and marketing department that is constantly helping us with our business and business partners, and the management that supports and encourages us to be our best. With all of this available I can’t imagine working anywhere else.
~ Heidi • Mortgage Banker • Boise, ID

I have been a loan officer for 31 years. I am fortunate to be a consistent enough producer that I can work at any company I choose. I am consistently recruited, and have standing offers at other well known mortgage companies. But I work at Premier Mortgage Resources. I have a number of reasons. The operations department is top notch. This includes underwriting, docs, funding, etc. The management structure is flat, and easily accessible. A senior partner, and answer is a phone call away. Marketing is a priority, and the help and assistance is there. The important key words for this company are proactive, strategic, progressive, efficient, competitive, niche, and driven. I have no reason to work anywhere else, and believe me, companies are calling and asking… You are welcome to contact me if you would like to have a discussion about your career options with this company. I can assure you won't be sorry to make a move here, and at this company the grass is green, and stays green.
~ Curtis • Branch Manager • Boise, ID

Where do I start…. I guess it is fitting to start at the top. Leadership: Cory and Mandi – I tip my hat to you! Thank you for not only being what a leader "should be", but for being what a leader doesn't have to be. You CARE.. and it SHOWS. You teach, guide, and are always there for us! Next: Operations: We truly owe our livelihood to you! Each and everyone of you have our backs… and we FEEL it! You go ABOVE and BEYOND each and every day for ALL of us LO's at PMR. Thank you! It is because of EVERYONE and the PROCESSES that have been put into place for loan production from our operations, that I will be a PMRer 🙂 as long as I am in this industry. Tech and HR: Last but not least in my testimonial…. You are the ones that are always there paying attention to the little but HUGE details that keep this company flowing. You keep our systems up and our marketing cutting edge! TRULY thank you to all of you, including my own staff, that makes up PMR!
~ Cliff Jaro • Branch Manager • Twin Falls, ID

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